"Happy birthday to me…"

Tessa sighed softly as she glanced outside a window, now to the fine age of 29. The fact she was almost 30 didn’t bother her; she always took her birthdays with a grain of salt. 

Another year passed, and she’s not dead yet. That’s good. 

Half-expecting no one to remember her birthday or say a thing, Tessa shrugged it off and headed to her green house. This would just be another day. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013 #IC   #Muse's birthday  
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    Tessa smiled and kissed his cheek softly, relaxing next to him and shutting her eyes. It wasn’t long until she fell fast...
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    “I love you too.” He whispered, pulling her close and yawning tiredly.He leaned into her soft touches, enjoying the...